New Patients

At The Dental Centre, our aim is for every patient to feel welcome and at home no matter what the reason for your visit. The care we provide is tailored to you and the whole team wants your journey at the practice to be relaxed, positive and as unique as you are. At your first appointment, we take a medical history and smile questionnaire and you would be offered the opportunity for a guided tour of the practice to view the facilities on offer.

We recognise that every patient will have their own set of needs, fears, desires and hopes about dental treatment, we allocate a full 45 minutes for the first appointment to get to know you to find out what yours are and answer any questions you may have, whether it’s regarding any current issues you’re having or anything relating to services we provide at the practice. In addition, we carry out a full clinical examination and also look in detail at anything that is of particular concern to you and discuss with you the state of your oral health and ways in which you can improve and/or maintain it .Some special tests such as gum health checks, x-rays or photographs may be recommended and carried out on your first visit.

Our approach is holistic, where we look at and treat oral health as a part of overall heath. You will be screened for oral cancer and you may even be given advice on your diet, smoking and alcohol use, as well as teeth-cleaning habits. Based on your smile questionnaire, we will also assess and discuss options available to you for cosmetic improvements such as smile enhancements, teeth whitening and facial aesthetics. For complex treatments we may opt to carry out a diagnostic wax up, in which case a review appointment would be necessary to discuss your options.