facial aesthetics

Facial signs of ageing are a cause of concern for millions of men and women, in particular, lines and wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks, gummy smile, lack of volume in facial profile and sagging skin on the jawline. As we age, our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat. As a result, smile lines and loss of volume become more apparent. Treatments to enhance your facial aesthetics are usually provided in the form of injectables, such as botulnium toxin and dermal fillers.

BTX type A is the product often used for anti-wrinkle treatment. It causes a blockage of the nerve impulses to the muscle, relaxing its hyperactivity, thereby softening lines. Treatment is painless and usually no anaesthetic is required. A follow up appointment is included, usually after 10 days. Results will generally last 3-6 months before the treatment begins to wear off, slowly returning the skin to its natural position. We also use it for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating on your armpits) with great results.

Dermal fillers help to treat facial lines and normally the product of choice for restoring lost volume and fullness in the face due to ageing. They are often used to soften lines on mid and lower face, treat thin lips, improve the appearance of scars and to enhance shallow contours. These nonsurgical, minimally invasive options to combat signs of ageing are effective and seamless, offering our patients a real solution to their concerns while eliminating the complications of full surgical procedures.