Finding a dentist who understands and manage your fears can make all the difference. Dr. Kapali De Silva is trained to manage phobic patients using relaxation techniques (hypnosis, muscle relaxation and behaviour modification) as well as pharmacological techniques (laughing gas and intravenous sedation). She has over fifteen years of experience in providing care for nervous/ phobic patients, be it through relaxation techniques or sedation.

You will benefit from sedation if you need dental treatment but has:

• Anxiety and fear about undergoing treatment or has a phobia about visiting the Dentist
• A fear of needles
• Had a frightening or traumatic previous dental experience
• A severe gag reflex or suffer from medical conditions that make you unable to control your bodily movements
• Extremely sensitive teeth or have problems with local anesthetic

At our practice in Hanley, we offer three different types of sedation at our practice, Oral Conscious Sedation, Nitrous Oxide Sedation and Intravenous Sedation. Which option would be right for you is personal and something we will talk about during your consultation and ultimately will be your choice.

benefits of sedation

For a phobic patient, sedation can mean freedom from anxiety or fear during dental treatments. It has the added advantage of reducing the number of visits by combining treatments whilst you are under sedation. If you have been putting off dental treatment due to fear, anxiety, or problems with anaesthetic, please contact us for more information or to book a consultation.